Left wing elite against the truth and the people – Peter Springare’s case in Sweden

Few days ago we wrote about Peter Springare, the policeman from Örebro who spoke out in Facebook post about immigrants standing behind almost all crimes that he investigated.

The same day, the left-wing media began to hunt down Peter Springare and his supervisors demanding that he gets fired and/or prosecuted after being in police force for 47 years for pointing out to the backsides of the multicultural society.

Currently there is an investigation going on by the police to see if there was indeed a crime committed by Springare. However, still the people’s support for him has been enormous. People are sending him flowers which the police forbid to photograph. Even a man from Syria approached him on the street and gave him the flowers.

The newly created Facebook group “Stå Upp För Peter Springare” (“Stand Up For Peter Springare”) has reached over 180 000 members just in a few days.

This was the reason for one of the biggest news papers in Sweden EXPRESSEN to write an article with the headline “The racist support for Peter Springare!” which they later changed to ”The massive support for Peter Springare!” due to their readers’ indignation.

Sweden’s most famous criminologist Jerzy Sarnecki agreed with Springare’s claims about immigrants being behind the majority of crimes but stated though that the reason is entirely social economic.

The winds are changing in Scandinavia, and the currently ruling left-wing system is afraid. The elite know that their days are counted, so they go on an offensive to silence the masses and harass the people who work for them and dare to reveal the truth like Springare did. One should note that none of those who condemned the Spingare’s action doubt the truthfulness of his claims, but only his rights to express these claims. The very same attitude led to infamous Rotherham Scandal with more than 1400 innocent victims. In the light of this experience we should spread a word around the world and defend Peter Springare as a whistle-blower, even if the disturbing situation about which he warns us, is so obvious, that only left-wing media can refuse to admit that.



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