About us and our symbol

Many people ask about the symbol of our homepage and the meaning of it. Here we will provide an explanation about it, which will also allow understanding the project itself and the fields of activities and principles of it.

First, about the title ‘’The New Nationalism’’. Nationalism – it is an idea, that every nation has a right to exist and the right of self-determination. Nation is a national-cultural human community and the starting point for our worldview. It is an identity, political demand and political action. However, this action depends on the conditions of today. In every century nationalism has taken a new forms. In the 21th century nationalism will also change, responding to new challenges: globalism, that threatens not only national identity, but the identity of human being itself; islamization of the Western Europe; Revanchist Russia and awakening of non-western Civilizations; and the structural changes of Western world itself. That is why we can speak about a new form of nationalism, that is currently forming, but whose final form we cannot predict. This does not mean breaking the link with the past, but the continuation of past in the conditions of 21th century.

About the sign in the symbol – similar to two letter E facing their backs against each other. It is a sign of ancient Latvian deity Usins. Usins was a god of light and spring, and a symbol of fertility. Nationalism has to bring a new age of Rebirth for the West and the nations of the West.

Then we see symbol of two wolves. Wolf – ‘’Dog of God’’ – in the ancient European traditions was the guardian of light (Usins). Before the symbol of wolf was demonized from the Middle Eastern religions, wolf was considered a sacred animal and symbol of warriors. There was a tradition for warriors to associate and even become one with this archetype. For Scandinavian peoples it was known as ‘’Berserker’’ – elite Norse warriors that fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury. Similarly, ancient Baltic people used the symbol of Werewolf and Livonia of the middle Ages was known as the land of Werewolves – these could have been ‘’special units’’ of pagan fighters.

There are two wolves in the symbol. It means the unity of opposites that is in the basis of the every evolutionary process in this world. Dionysian – Apollonian, Past – Future, Conservativism-Development, Light-Dark, Yin – Yang, Male – Female, Fire – Water. Two wolves also symbolizes defence from the dangers from both the Western Ultra-liberalism and Eastern Despotism of Russia.

About the homepage itself:

1) This is an information platform, not an organization. Every author represents his own views, not the views of the page. Everyone can register and express his views, if they are compatible with the general idea of the project;

2) Two directions of the project – development of nationalist ideology in the conditions of 21th century and a new geopolitical concept of Intermarium (Baltic-Black-Adriatic Sea Union), to change the narrative that offers a false choices for European nationalists;

3) Diversity of opinions is encouraged. But profanities, anti-Semitic or racist views (according to the real definition of racism), that discredit nationalism, and also pro-Russian propaganda will be forbidden;

4) Pro-Western and Pro-European attitude – this does not mean blind obedience to EU or excesses of liberalism. On the contrary – our European consciousness obliges us to criticize these tendencies, but rebirth of West is in the hands of us, not the outside forces;

5) Political and geopolitical articles will be waited, but also broader cultural-societal themes will be waited, to develop metapolitical potential of the project.

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